General Questions

What is requirement for previous coding experience?

  • No previous coding experience for Level 1 class
  • We encourage students to follow our classes to advance their coding skills
  • For new student who hasn't attended BSG Academy class before, and need to enroll to high level class. BSG Academy will arrange and conduct an assessment for student. Instructor will recommend class level based on assessment.

What does student bring to the class?

  • A personal laptop computer
  • Water/Snack

Is there on-site parking available?

  • Yes, free on-site parking is available.

Technical Questions

What is computer requirement?

  • A basic laptop that can be connect a WiFi network
  • Local computer privilege for the laptop (in order to install necessary software during the training)

What is computer environment provided for student in the coding class?

  • To get started, we use our standard developer workstation image hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. This would eliminate a lot of technical issues/challenges due to different computer model, etc.
  • While student gains knowledge of using programming environment, we transition from cloud to local coding environment on student's local laptop. This will help student to create a local development environment that will stay with them as they move on to advanced levels.
  • We use Microsoft Visual Studio Code as Integrated Development Environment (or IDE). Microsoft Visual Studio is a popular development IDE that supports different programming languages (Java, .NET, JavaScript, Python, ....)

Why use Python?

  • In theory, there are a lot of good choices when selecting programming language for beginners. We think Python is fun, easy to start with, and it is practical and widely used by companies to solve real business problems.
  • It helps to build programming knowledge while providing a lot of potentials for students, either go down the IT path to be a programmer, or to the data analytics path.

What else will student learn?

  • It is important for parents/students to understand BSG Academy is built on the top of years of real-life consulting experience. We not just teach student how to write code, but also teach them:
    • Collaborate in a team environments with follow students and teachers;
    • Learn how to use team collaboration tools (such as video conferencing, team sites, shared document management, etc.)
    • Learn how to organize and present their work
    • Other skills (such as Google Sites, HTML/CSS, Using Remote Desktop Connection, AWS Cloud, and so on)

What is Virtual Classroom?

  • Virtual classroom is a web site used by BSG Academy coding class students to share training materials, exercises, real-time video conferencing (for parents and/or students), etc.
  • Please note: some content will be only accessible by authorized users.

Questions & Suggestions

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